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John Malkowich

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Hi my donor name is Cowan.
I am a vigorous handyman who loves to go to the theater, having a picnic in the park, going to family gatherings, old motorcycles and driving my veteran camper. I’m a person with high energy and have often lots going on at the same time. Despite of a busy everyday, I make sure to have time for my workout. We have always been very keen on being active in my family, which I stick to. Currently I do running, biking and fitness. I’m in particular preoccupied with running and participates regularly in different extreme races. My motive of becoming a donor are probably no more noble than other donors, but if I can contribute positively to your life and perhaps infect you with some of my happiness, I think it would be fantastic. No matter what you choose, I will wish you good luck with all in the future.
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